Sunday, January 29, 2017


We were very excited for the zone capacitacion that we had with our zone this last week, we used your graph that you gave us in Leadership Counsel and we also used a talk from President Monson in the Liahona of this last October on the blessings that we receive from obedience. My favorite quote from President Monson in the article is "The greatest lesson that we can learn on earth is that when god speaks and we obey, we will always be doing the right thing". Me and my companion want to be able to give our zone and our ward a strong example, we know that trough obedience through obeying the mission rules is the strongest most Christlike way to receive confidence in our zone and ward. To start off we want to update our area book every day and put sufficient plans for the day to be more diligent.

My study in The Book of Mormon has taught me a lot about the repentance process, right now I am starting the book of Ether. It has been an incredible experience to learn from the prophets in the book of Mormon and the trials that they went through, especially Moroni when he had lost everything due to the laminates. My studies have helped me find newer ways to use the book of Mormon in this work and a stronger and deeper testimony for the love of our Savior and his plan for each one of us.
One of my new personal goals is to become a stronger desiple of our Savior and follow him, and give everything to him and for him. (Juan 8:31)

I almost forgot to talk about our investigators! We are teaching Hna. Lorena and her 9 year old son Naser. It is a reference from some members in our area. Lorena hasen´t been able to be baptized because she hasen´t been able to keep the law of chastity and lives with very difficult circumstances in her house. Me and my companion decided to call her in our weekly planing session this last week and she answered the phone when she was with the family that had given us the reference and had been talking with them about baptism. Later that day we went by to visit Lorena with the Mendez family and we were able to put a baptism date with her but for her circumstances she was going to change houses to Juarez. She was unable to go to the special stake conference on Sunday but we also heard that the house owners are going to see if they can get the man out of the house where Lorena is living. We hope to continue teaching Lorena and her son. We have planned to be able to teach them repentance this next visit and hopefully baptize them in December.

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