Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mexico CCM District 6A Despedida

Elders and Hermana,

It has been a privilege sharing this time with you at the CCM.  We know you will bless many people while you prepare, teach, and share this post important message.  Stay true to what you know is true and remember that the Holy Ghost will help you with all things as you consecrate yourselves to the Lord.  
We love you,

Hermana Call

Mexico CCM District 6A Departure Photo. Elder Brayden George (Far Right), Elder Cazier (Second from the right) Companion

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Have Our Flight Plans!

Hey everyone,

We have our flight plants to Monterrey! We will be leaving the CCM at 3:00 A.M. in the morning, everyone is really excited to get into the field. We have some really long days ahead of us to prepare us for the field, all of Friday will be classes. 

I have learned some pretty great things about the Atonement this past week. It´s definitely one of the hardest things to teach and the most difficult thing to understand. Hno. Gomez shared a great video with us about "The Atonement and Missionary Work". In the video, Elder Holland said "If it wasn't  easy for Him, how do we expect the work to be easy for us." Hno. Gomez has also been blowing our minds with the talk "Why 1820" by Hyrum W. Smith. I highly recommend watching or listening to them. 

The Mexico MTC is great, I am definitely going to miss it. 
Love you guys,

- Elder George

A Game Of Ultimate, Is Always A Great Day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Temple Day!

Brayden at the Mexico Temple


Things are moving pretty fast here, we´ve been doing so much its hard to keep track of. A few days ago we found out that we were going to have another Temple Day on P-Day! The experience was even better than the first time! We also had Fast Sunday this past Sabbath Day, everything is great!

I´ve been applying the challenge from Elder Larry R. Lawrence conference talk"What Lack I Yet?". I don´t remeber much from his talk, but I remember his invitation to ask in prayer "What is keeping me from progressing?". It didn´t come instantly, but it came. 

Fast Sunday is done a little differently down here, We fasted from Lunch on Satuday to Lunch on Sunday. It was hard to go to bed hungry, but it wasn´t too bad in the morning. We were all able to have a wonderful testimony meeting. 

What a tremendous blessing to be able to go to the México City Temple twice while in the MTC! It´s nice to be able to take a break from the non-stop 16 hour day´s we have. 

Thanks for everyone´s love and support! You are all in my prayers.

-Elder George
Brayden's Casa in the Mexico CCM (MTC)
Mexico CCM
Courtyard of the Mexico CCM
Mexico Temple

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Conference Weekend!

Mexico City

Hello Family,

A lot has been going on here! Daily language and doctrine classes make you very tired. Sorry I am writing this a day late, our P-Day got moved back a day because we went to Emigration today for our Green Cards. Here are some of the sights we saw from the bus.

We had conference this weekend and we got to see all five sessions with the priesthood session. It was kind of ridiculous because every Sunday evening we get to see a movie related to the church. They still went on with the movie, so we had been sitting in the auditorium for a total of 14 hours over the weekend. I have some great notes though!

Not much is different here, other than I am past the half way point in the CCM. Our teachers here are amazing, their names are Hermano (brother) Gomez, and Hermano Hernandez. Hno. Gomez served a mission in Salt Lake City and is from Mexico City. He is also studying Marketing in college. Hno. Hernandez served a mission somewhere is Mexico, I can't remember where, but he is also from Mexico City. He is studying to become an Aeronautical Engineer without any High School! They are both Awesome.

Thanks for another package! I kinda have so much food that I don´t know what to do with all of it. Also don´t take this the wrong way but, its sad to see how people make a living down here, there are some very impoverish parts of the town. We have all the food sufficient for our needs, por favor tone down the packages. Thanks! (No offense taken from this Mom. offers weekly packages, obviously too much for this missionary... Hint received... So happy he is doing well. I hope he will pack up his goods and pass them on to others in need).

We have time here where we practice teaching an investigator. That means we plan lessons for our companionship study. Although, Elder Cazier, has had a difficult time leaving his life back home, he is trying harder to improve and it is getting better.

Things are moving right along here! 

-Elder Brayden George

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today Was Temple Day!

Temple Day  


Hey Everyone!

It´s been a pretty exhausting week! From Wednesday until Saturday, we were filled with language classes, doctrine classes, teaching classes, and devotionals. On Friday, we found out that we were going to do an endowment session at the México City Temple on Wednesday (Today). It had been closed for restoration for two years! We were so blessed to attend that session in Spanish! The México City temple is very special, It is one of the top 5 biggest temples in the world! It also has Angel Moroni holding the Book of Mormon on the top of the temple, there are only a few Temples with Angel Moroni holding the Book of Mormon on them. Our teacher also came with us to the temple, he is in some of the pictures. His name is Hermano Gomez. On Monday, a bunch of missionaries left from our zone including the Zone Leaders. We have about two districts in our zone right now, we get more tonight. Anyway, they had to call new zone leaders. They decided to call our District Leaders as zone leaders on Sunday so I was called as the District Leader!

Elder Cazier, Hermano Gómez, Elder George
Mexico City Temple
On Sunday, we had a class with the CCM President, President Tenorio. He is a very funny man, I highly suggest watching his 2007 conference address about Temples. I´ll link it below. On Monday we got to watch the broadcast of the funeral for Elder Scott. It was a great experience, we live in an interesting time. This weekend, we get to watch General Conference! Everyone here is looking forward to that. My companion is doing good, he is growing a lot! Our room was pretty freaked out after my sleep yelling/screaming. I´m out of time for now, ill keep the pictures coming! 

Elder Cazier and Elder George Mission Companions
Mexico City Temple
Watch this talk!

-Elder George   

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Week 1
The MTC 
 New Missionaries

So much has been happening here that ill just start from the beginning! Once I got through airport security, it was easy to find the rest of the Elders and Sisters that would be going to the Mexico MTC. Our flight boarded and I sat next to an Elder that will be serving in Wichita Kansas, learning Spanish in the CCM (MTC in Spanish). It was a long flight, I spent some money on a chicken wrap and tried to get some sleep. When we landed, there was a huge line to get through immigration; it was really humid and smelled bad. It took about two and a half hours to get our bags and hop on a bus that would take us to the CCM. We had so much luggage that we had to put suite cases in the back so some Elders had to stand. One large suite case and one medium suite case is the way to travel! The trip through town was an eye opener! Their traffic system is very interesting, most get around on bikes or buses and some have cars. There is graffiti everywhere! After the 30 minute bus ride, we pulled up to the MTC in the rain.
The campus has high concrete and metal fencing around the border with barbed wire in some places. We had orientations, health checkups, and email time. They serve Mexican food three times a day here, everyone smells horrible... After dinner we were taken to our casas and we moved our belongings into closets. It was hard to get to sleep the first four nights, its a tough transition. Sirens go off day and night, Independence day was almost a week ago, you can hear their music often as well. We have personal study, companion study, language classes, and gospel classes every day, except Sunday. We also teach an ¨investigator¨ in Spanish in the evenings, his name is Luis. We found his picture as a missionary on the wall in the building we have our classes in. It helps a lot to be able to talk with him. On Sunday's we are all suppose to prepare a talk for sacrament. You don't know who it will be until the meeting begins. I had to opportunity to give the talk I prepared! They all have to be given in Spanish, I was afraid I did terrible with pronunciation, but a member of the CCM presidency gave me thumbs up after the meeting. My companion is Elder Ross Cazier, he is from St. George. He's been struggling a lot with the change but the spirit is teaching both of us. With all our district has been learning, its like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.
We can receive packages and letters here somehow, I would really love that! Everyone is saying they are sent through Look that up online!  The booster shot I need was from 2009, they recommend having one in the past 5 years. The immunization won't cost anything, the church takes very good care of us. The doctor here is from Sandy, so I'm in good hands. One hour goes quick, I wish I had more time to email! 
Elder Brayden George

Casa's the Missionaries live in.

Elder Cazier and Elder George, Companions

Elder George in front of the Mexico MTC

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Made It!

Arrived In Mexico City
Landed at the Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico City.
Hola Familia,

I made it to the MTC! I had a super long flight and wait through immigration, the whole thing took about 5 hours to get to the MTC once we landed. It´s the rainy season here and has been non-stop since I got here. I have meet all the Elders that will be serving in Monterrey! I already have my companion and schedule. Its VERY safe here (in the MTC), apparently its been pretty crazy here because it is Independence Day. One thing that I need you to check on is the last time I got a booster shot. They reccomend in the past 5 years, that means I am due for another one. I can get it here at the clinic on campus. My P day is on Wednesday´s. P day is Picture day, ill send you some then. I don't get much time right now on the computer, but classes start tomorrow morning! 

Talk to you soon,

Elder George

Your Missionary's mailing addres is:
Elder George
26-10-2015 6A
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is 26-10-2015. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly faciliate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.
Missionaries leaving the airport to travel to the Mexico MTC


He's Off to the Mexico MTC! Salt Lake International Airport

"You Guy's Ready? Let's Go!"
Brayden was ready to start his two year adventure. He was the first one up in the morning getting ready, corralling the family to the car as 6:30 a.m. approached. His flight left at 10:05 a.m. He needed to be there 3 hours ahead for international flight. In our hurry getting out we neglected our last family prayer. Good thing it doesn't matter where we pray, just that we take the opportunity... In the car, at the airport worked out just great! This Elder was leading our family into the airport, he was so excited to go! We kept saying, Brayden, it's OK bud, we have time. We are three hours early here... He just kept on going and we followed... It was so Awesome and comforting to see a sea of missionaries at the airport. It was definitely Missionary Wednesday at the airport. You could see those that had arrived from the Provo MTC with there missionary badges on, they were in line for security, going with their group to board. Then there were many missionaries arriving from home, to go to their MTC abroad. Quite a sight. Brayden was beaming from ear to ear, we felt so excited for him.
Check in was a breeze! We only had to pay? the standard $40 for two bags. We knew one of the bags was over the weight limit which we were told would cost $200 extra.... when the attendant said... "that will be $70 extra for the bag." We smiled and said, no problem, we were planning on much more than that...
Saying goodbye for this Mom was so difficult, Brayden kept smiling, "It's going to be fine Mom, We Can Do This," he said. Okay Brayden, we can "do this, I know we can... I am so grateful for his strong spirit, his willingness to serve, for his determination, and ability to move forward. He was ready to go, he headed through the long line to security, with other missionaries on his same flight. We stood and watched. Airport staff, said "you can't block this area, people have to still walk through this area, you have said goodbye, you need to leave now." My first though was... well never mind what my first thought was, we walked over to the elevator and could stand out of the way to see him. We watched him go through security, and then we somnolently walked back to the car. One thing that Gary said on the way home, gave me comfort. "Jen, he made it so easy on us, he was comforting us, he really wanted this, he prepared himself and got ready... It's hard to be sad, when he did it willingly." Yes, I thought, I am really happy for this boy... He is doing what he has prepared and planned to do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CALLED TO SERVE... Set Apart as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Serving in the Mexico Monterrey East Mission...

A Missionary
President Bill Whitworth, Brayden, Bishop Mark Falkner
Tonight Brayden was set apart as a Missionary in Mexico Monterrey East Mission by our Stake President, Bishop, and Dad. As a family we had an opportunity to share our testimony and/or express words of encouragement to Brayden. It was a wonderful parting experience to share with Brayden. In attendance: Dad, Mom, Kelsey, Garett, Grandma Jo, and Uncle Neal.

Family Dinner
Our last dinner together as a family was Awesome. Grandma Jo requested Dad's homemade Spaghetti. We had to let her know that it was Brayden's choice for our last meal together for a time.  We were so happy to not have to disappoint her, because Brayden agreed... Dad's Homemade Spaghetti it was. Mom made Lemon Angel Delight... Yum!
Brayden, Kelsey, Dad, Garett, Grandma Jo,
Uncle Neal, and Mom (taking the picture).
Packed and Ready to Go!
Brayden has spent months getting ready for his mission. Mom helped him get packed the week before so that time could be spent with and as a family. After being set apart and having family dinner, we packed for the final time. We were surprised how long it took, so happy that we had planned ahead. We did send Dad to Walmart at 11:30 p.m. to get suitcase locks. We all went to bed at 12:00 Midnight.

Brayden.... 2 years, 2 suitcases "I'm Ready!"

Monday, August 31, 2015

How the Aaronic Priesthood Program Has Helped Me Prepare For the Melkezedek Priesthood Program (Farewell Address)


Today I have been asked to speak on how the Aaronic priesthood program has helped me prepare for my spiritual and lifetime mission within the Melchizedek Priesthood. I want to share my experience of how the priesthood has helped me grow and develop as well as express my gratitude to each one of you for helping me understand how powerful the priesthood is. Out of everything the Church offers to its youth and its Aaronic priesthood holders, the program that I would say helped me personally grow within the priesthood would be the Duty to God program. It has helped me tremendously in understanding what my priesthood responsibilities are and how to prepare for the Melchizedek priesthood with the simple idea of learn, act, and share. One thing I wish I would have understood as a deacon at 12 years old is that the program is not simply a to do list. It is a wonderful program that prepares you to become the elect of God as promised in D&C 84:33-38, the oath and covenant of the priesthood. Here’s how the duty to god program works, there are several different assignments for the office of deacon, teacher, and priest that include growing spiritual strength, understanding priesthood duties, and understanding For Strength of Youth topics. The first step is learn, you study scriptures or standards then write your impressions on the given topic. Second you make goals on how to improve from the activities and carry out those goals. Third, and the most important is share; this can be with quorum members or family. Sharing is so important because your example can influence others to begin their personal journey with the gospel though duty to god or even personal progress, it’s never too late to start. In a talk given by Elder Cecil L. Samuelson Jr. of the Seventy in 2002, he shares how Jesus as a 12 year old boy competes his duty to god as outlined in Luke chapter 2. He says:

“The Savior, who suffered all things for us,‍ faced challenges similar to some we face in our Aaronic Priesthood years. You remember Jesus’s experience at about the age when most of us become deacons. He had gone with His family and others to the temple. When it came time to return home, He was not with Mary and Joseph. They must have assumed that Jesus was with other trusted friends or extended family members. Only when His absence persisted did they become alarmed. As dutiful parents, Mary and Joseph did what your parents may have done in similar circumstances: they went looking for Him. When they located Jesus in the temple, only parents and grandparents might fully appreciate the mixed sense of relief they felt that He was safe, but they also were perhaps a little surprised by His reaction. We all know the dialogue that ensued: “And when they saw him, they were amazed: and his mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? Behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. And he said unto them, how is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” 9 

Jesus, in other words might have said, “Don’t you know that I am doing my duty to God?”

Just as Joseph and Mary in Luke chapter 2, it would be astonishing to hear your child say “What’s the big deal? I’ve only been completing the ‘share’ portion my Duty to God for the past three days!” after finding your son teaching a religion class at BYU. How great is it to be able to relate this story of young Jesus to the Duty to God Program as it will prepare you to the same work which Jesus Christ desired to do, his father’s work.

For the young women, the personal progress program can prepare you for your personal mission as a daughter of God, by completing and living by the activities and values that can be used to influence others around you as you live to the standards accordingly.

Serving within the Church and doing service within the Boy Scouts of America have placed a huge influence on me deciding to serve a mission with the leadership positions I have held. After realizing my personal responsibility as a priesthood holder to be a representative of our Heavenly Father as a deacon and as a Boy Scout to help other people at all times, I began to look for ways to share my beliefs and serve others outside of my assigned tasks. About two and a half years ago, a rare snow storm coated St. George Utah with several inches of snow which caught the whole city by surprise. My family was lucky to witness the wild storm with a 4-Wheel Drive Suburban and snow tires unlike the rest of the town while visiting my Grandmother. St. George doesn’t see much snow, in fact they don’t see enough snow to own a snow plow! It just so happened that my Grandmother was a proud owner of a lovey yellow snow shovel. It’s possible that it was the only yellow snow shovel within a fifty mile radius. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the seventy reminds us of what our attitude and conduct should be as priesthood holders and the sacred power that we are trusted with in his talk during a general conference priesthood session “What Manner of Men”. He says “First we need to be priesthood men! We should be spiritually mature because of the covenants we have made. Second, we need to serve! Part of our covenant is to serve by magnifying our calling. Third  We need to be worthy! The adversary has a tight grip around social customs that can lead to serious problems of worthiness for not only priesthood holders, these terms apply to everyone when seeking for answers from our heavenly father. With that said, back to the snow storm… knowing that the roads would still be pretty bad the next morning, I told myself I would go and shovel the snow the next morning when I later found out that my grandmother’s neighbors could also use the assistance with snow removal. Just as any other teenage boy on the weekend, rolling out of bed wasn’t the easiest thing, but laying there doing nothing wasn’t getting me closer to the delicious breakfast that was being prepared for us. I was able to finish the shoveling at the first house which seemed to be vacant without being noticed. As I made my way up the street to the other house with the yellow snow shovel, I recall hearing that the couple that lived there was not LDS and had accepted the invitation to go to ward’s Christmas party a few times. There was defiantly someone home because my cover was blown within a minute due to their dog. Not too long after that, a man appeared from his garage and immediately asked if I was a boy scout, I replied “yes”. You could defiantly see the excitement on his face as he replied “oh great! Thank you so much!” As he made his way back in I imagined that he was going to go tell his wife about news that a boy scout was shoveling his drive way… “Hey Honey! There’s a boy scout shoveling our driveway!” Just as I was finishing up, he came out one last time, I explained who I was and he seemed that much more thrilled for the experience. Looking back on that unique opportunity, I know that it wasn’t a coincidence that a rare snowstorm that brought more snow than three years combind just happen to blow though St. George while visiting the weekend. Chances like these happen more than you think, I invite you to diligently seek out these opportunities in school, at church, and at home. As you magnify for callings and duties within the church, you will begin to see blessings unfold in yours and others lives. I testify of that.

(As my sister and Brother Newell have pointed out) This year’s youth theme is D&C 4:2 Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day. I have always questioned, what is the service of God as said in this scripture. What are we embarking on? There are many things, we can be embarking on including missionary work, family history, or it can be baptisms for the dead. I see it as following the example of our savior Jesus Christ who desires to share everything that he has been given from his father to his brothers and sisters here on this Earth. D&C 4:4 says   “For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul”. In closing I bear my testimony that by investing your time in the salvation of your family, friends, and neighbors as our savior and redeemer did, your lives will be blessed immensely. There is no better time to embark in the service of god than now. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.