Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Power of Prayer!

Hey everyone!

So to answer your guys question about what I am thankful, would surely be for Prayer. About a month ago we had a pretty amazing experience thanks to prayer. A month ago we were in exchanges with some other missionaries while we were contacting people looking to teach new investigators. We arrived to a neighborhood where we never really go to and we decided to say a quick prayer to find someone and put a baptism date with them. That was when we found Rodolfo, the man who was baptized when he was 10 years old, the first thing we did was give him a book of Mormon. Recently it has been hard to find him, it turns out for the last two weeks that Rodolfo was working a bit in a factory that he was working in before he retired. Many people do this here, factory only hire young people but they always need repairs and improvements for the factory and so they called in Rodolfo. After two weeks without seeing him we ran into him when we were passing by his house. We put an appointment with him later that week and now he is done working for now. In the time we haden´t seen him he has still been reading the book of Mormon and reading his pamphlets. We visited him this last Friday to read lehi´s vision and invite him to church, We arrived 10 minutes early and he had already entered the chapel and was waiting for us! You can see his faith increasing as he´s reading the book of mormon. We have also confirmed that he is a member, the mission offices looked up his church records and yes! he is a member! I know i´m looking a bit too ahead, but one day we hope he can go to the temple and do the work for his diseased brothers and parents.

I´m almost done with the book of Mormon as well! This week i´ll be starting Moroni. This book is a strong testimony builder. Read it!

The weather here has been very extreme! We´ll be sweating in the day in short sleeve shirts and we´ll be putting on heavy jackets in the afternoon. That means winter is coming! Starting on Friday. the church will be starting a Christmas activity here in Mexico as well with a new Christmas video. We´ll be getting more instructions but the church has put advertisements on about 4 bus routes so everyone will see the message. 

Love you all! I´ll send pictures next week!

Elder George

Matthew 10:32

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