Sunday, January 29, 2017

Transfers are here!

Hey Everyone!

So we got the news last night! I`m going to be changing areas! So were all busy cleaning the house, and packing up everything to go to the mission home tomorrow and receive my new assignment. Tonight they are going to be telling us our new areas and new companions. I have been in this last area for 6 months and it has been pretty hard but every second was worth it. 

Elder Fonseca has finished his training! He`s going to stay in the area and take care of everything. I`m not sure if I was able to tell you guys but we had to drop Josefina. Jesus is doing great! A little sad that i`m changing but im going to keep writing him. Still hangin in there. And our other Investigator Guadalupe went to church with her whole family yesterday! We didn`t get the chance to talk to them but they were also able to visit the temple here in Monterrey with all of her children for a primary activity they did this weekend. Their oldest son has cancer and have been really stressed out this past week, the Primary President was able to help Lupita (Guadalupe) put her sons name on the prayer list of the temple which was awesome. We are going to put a baptism date with her this week.

I also heard there was a tornado in Orem or something!?! The primary president in the ward has family that lives in sandy near Alta high school and showed me pictures of the tornado... Crazy. 

We also had Zone Conference last week about consecrations if that's how you spell it. It was a very inspired topic and impacted the whole mission. Great things are happening! 

It`s been super hot! This week we are going to see some rain as well. We got pretty wet last night as well. I`d say its almost more extreme here than in Utah.

This is my letter. See you all next week with a new companion and area!

E. George

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