Sunday, January 29, 2017


We are very blessed in our area after a great experience we had after helping a member move houses this last weekend. We had a great time packing everything up in a large truck and then relocating his family in a new home for them. I learned a powerful lesson from Elder Domingez after this service project. The member we served is the young mens president and he helped us understand the importance of serving the members and including them more in the comida. Elder Domingez has alwayes taken the inicitave in helping the members with real intent. It has become really easy us to take the members services for granted and I learned that we should alwayes try to serve the members even though they don´t except our service all the time. I beleve that this is what our wards and stakes need more from the missionaries, is service with a real intent.

My companion and I now hope to help our zone out better by helping them use and understand faith better in their areas. We are going to base our capacitacion in the importance in visions and in the Faith using President Uctorfts talk The 4th floor last door. I loved a scripture that was cited from 1 Corintains 2:14 where the natural man cannot understand the things that come from the spirit. Because of this we alwayes need to be humble and obedient to have this gift to be with us. This last week me and my companion also had the oppertunity for another service project where we painted over the grafiti of an older womens house this last week. It was actually pretty interesting because we had contacted this lady sweeping in front of her yard. She didnt want to accept our message because she thought we were only going to change our religion. We returned on saturday and to her supprise we returned! She took out some old paint buckets she had and while we prepared the paint we were able to get to know her a bit better, by the end of our service project she felt very blessed. We felt very blessed as well even though she continued to tell us that she wouldent accept our message, we hope that we were able to leave a good impression with her and that in the coming months or years that she can once again receive the missionaries in her house.

We also had a family go to sacrament meeting! :)

See you in sunday!

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