Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a happy new year! Things were pretty interesting here, there were a lot of fireworks, confetti and music in all parts.

We had a pretty great week as well, I got to go to the other side of the mission for exchanges with one of the presidents assistents. Every transfer we haev exchanges with one of them. I learned alot from our day, I learned alot about the personal responsibility that we have in our areas, everything that we do depends on our diligence in finding and teaching. I loved the exchanges that we had with Elder Tovar and Elder Romero this last week because it helped us see the things we need to change in ourselfs for better success. Elder Romero and I had a very succesful day where we were able to teach several new investigators and my personal testimony was strengthed as we taught about eternal life. One of the things we are going to improve is our relacionship with the ward and teaching in the moment. We are very excited in our zone as well to acheive the goal of 1 baptism for month. This week we have the goal of using our time wisely in the day. My companion was reading in preach my gospel in the morning relating to missionary work like fishing. The longer we have our hooks in the water, the more likely we are to find new people to teach. We should use every moment we have during the day to teach and testify of christ.

Keep up the good work with the book of mormon! I started it again and i´m in 2 nephi 7. I´m also reading Jesus the Christ, an excelent study tool for the New Testament! We were also going to go to the temple, but our trip got canceled at the last minute and we won´t be going for another month.😥 

See ya later!

Elder George

1 Nephi 14:14

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